New York Session | Brooklyn- New York

New York Session

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Talk about a dream!! My husband and I finally got to take our much needed Honeymoon and head to New York. I had never been and it is somewhere I have wanted to go my whole life. Since having kids, its not the easiest to jet set to Europe, so New York to me was the next best thing. We had an amazing week in the city, and walked so much I was disappointed I left my FitBit at home because I was sure we walked a good 20 miles. ;)


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We stayed with my husbands amazing Cousins in Jersey, and they were kind enough to let me live out a dream of taking photos with the New York skyline!!! It rained so much that day, I had to throw out my shoes and buy rain boots!! But somehow some way the rain stopped and allowed me to take these beautiful photos. 

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Edward and Hudson were the most adorable kids...It made me miss my own. 

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We are already planning our next trip back, and to bring the kids so they can finally meet their East Coast Family!! Thank you Stephanie and Stephen for letting me capture these images!! 

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