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Kelsey Adrienne Sneddon

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my page!!

My name is Kelsey! Avid Coffee drinker, friend of chaos, and someone who lives to laugh. I am a Seattle and surrounding area Full Service Photographer.  I specialize in Family, Children, and Wedding photography. I am focused on providing the best quality of image with the best candid emotions through the lens. I want my client to be able to look at their image and remember exactly how they felt at that moment. I am always up for adventure and stepping out of my comfort zone when it comes to photography. I love simple, but if you want to have a shoot on top of a mountain…I am totally up for that as well! My whole life, I grew up around a family of artistic people, and I knew I always wanted to do something similar!! My grandparents owned a Interior Design business on First Street in Snohomish, my grandma was a artist who worked for Hallmark in the very beginning, and my Aunt is an incredible Milliner stationed in Portland, OR. Just to name a few. I am focused on building a relationship with you so when you go through your milestones in life like engagement, marriage, birth, graduation, etc… i want to be there right beside you hopefully capturing it every step of the way.
I am a Snohomish County -Washington native, born and raised. My favorite time to shoot is outdoors right before the sun starts to set. I love finding different locations to shoot, and if you’re from Washington, you know we have a lot of options!! For my sessions, its required to let your guard down, be silly, and have fun! I look forward to working with you!!